December 3, 2016

HIKING 101: Hiking tips for beginner hikers

Hiking gear list: Hiking essentials for a day hike
Hiking tips so your day hike won’t leave you feeling miserable! Here’s a day hike packing list for beginners that includes essential hiking gear. Whether it’s your local hiking trails or hiking trails during your national park vacation, make sure you’re prepared!

Hiking packing list for beginners who are starting to plan on doing day hikes regularly or on vacation. Hiking tips to consider when you’re out on hiking trails as your workout! There’s some essential hiking gear, whether it’s a short or long day hike, summer hiking in hot weather or winter hiking in cold weather! Travel tips for your next outdoor adventure vacation for your national parks trip or travel bucket list destination! Items for your day hike packing list or travel packing list.

Hiking food: Easy prep hiking snacks for the trail
You need energy when hiking the trails! Here are easy prep hiking food ideas for snacks to pack in your backpack with DIY homemade recipes that are budget-friendly.

You need energy snacks when hiking trails! Here are easy prep hiking food ideas for snacks to pack in your backpack along with your hiking gear when you hit the trails or when you go camping outdoors! DIY homemade recipes that are cheap and budget-friendly travel eats that make for quick food to pack for road trips and airport snacks on vacation when you travel too.

Cold weather hiking gear: What to wear and pack for a winter hike
Tips for how to be safe and prepared when hiking in cold weather. Here are a few items to consider putting on your winter hiking gear packing checklist!

Here are a few items to consider packing in your backpack as part of your winter hiking gear. Tips for how to be safe and prepared when hiking in cold weather. Also tips for your winter hiking outfit and what to consider in choosing winter hiking clothes to dress in layers so you can stay warm in the snow for your outdoor travels!

Hiking with dogs: Tips and dog accessories for traveling with your dog
Tips for your plans to go hiking with your dog! These are some dog essentials to think about for hiking, camping, or road trips with pets!

Summer brings lots of chances to go exploring on the hiking trails with dogs! Just like for when you go hiking, there are some dog essentials for hiking too. Here are some tips, products, and accessories if you have plans to travel with your pet whether it be for hiking, camping, backpacking, or some road trips to national parks! It’s going to be a fun workout for your dog, so make sure proper training, food, treats, and hydration are involved!

Waterproof camera: How to choose the best waterproof camera for outdoor travel adventures
Things to consider for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers looking for a camera so you don’t have to worry about your camera malfunctioning being of exposure when hiking in the rain or swimming at the waterfalls!

Things to consider for the outdoor enthusiast or traveler looking for the best waterproof digital camera for your active lifestyle! What's the difference between waterproof and underwater or waterproof and water-resistant? Tips to choose a waterproof camera to take pictures of your outdoor travels and water activities!

How to get better outdoor travel photos with a free photo editing app
Share even more beautiful travel pictures of the hiking adventures that you take on your phone with an easy to use free photo editing app!

This is a beginner’s tutorial to a free photo editing app for iphone and android smartphones. The Snapseed app is easy to use to give you the best travel pictures for Instagram posts! If you’re starting a blog, it can give you better lifestyle blog and travel blog photography when you don’t have a proper travel camera or DSLR camera and you’re taking pictures on a camera phone. Landscape photography picture: Empire Bluff hiking trail, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan, USA

Things to do on Oahu during your Hawaii vacation
Hawaii vacation tips with things to do on Oahu for an island road trip with some budget-friendly activities including coastal hiking trails and hikes with sweeping views of the island!

Hawaii vacation tips with things to do on Oahu as free activities like hikes, beaches, and snorkeling from Waikiki to the North Shore, with interactive map. Checklist of Oahu activities for Hawaii bucket list destinations with the best travel photography spots for vacation pictures! Use it as a potential day trip itinerary as a self-guided island tour and island road trip for families and couples to see Hawaii on a budget with adventure! Road trip adventure for the best Hawaii vacation!

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