October 26, 2016

How to prevent common golf injuries

Here are prevention tips to help you avoid common golf injuries. The repetition of the force and power of your golf swing brings about a risk for injury.


Golfing is a relatively low-impact sport and is generally seen as an activity that has a low risk for injury. But the repetitive nature of the act of golfing, as well as the force and power that’s required to go along with your golf swing, brings about a risk for injury. The good news is that there are steps that you can take to minimize this risk for common golf injuries.

You’ll notice some common themes below in preventing specific injuries. Take care to include these prevention measures in your regular golf and fitness routine and you give yourself a much better chance to not let a nagging injury stop you from getting out on the course!

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Here are prevention tips to help you avoid common golf injuries. The repetition of the force and power of your golf swing brings about a risk for injury. Infographic

Wrist pain: How to prevent wrist injuries

What may cause you to get wrist pain:

  • The repetition of swinging your golf club at a high speed

Prevention tips:

  • Stretches around the hands, wrists, and forearms
  • Strengthening exercises of the forearms and wrist areas
  • Proper swing mechanics

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Elbow pain: How to prevent elbow injuries

What may cause you to get elbow pain:

  • Improper swing motion, including over swinging

Prevention tips:

  • Stretches of the forearms and upper arms
  • Strengthening of your arm muscles
  • Improving your swing mechanics

Shoulder pain: How to prevent shoulder injuries

What may cause you to get shoulder pain:

  • Repetitive and constant rotation of the shoulder muscles
  • The force from a golf swing with improper mechanics

Prevention tips:

  • Flexibility exercises that include the shoulders
  • Strengthening of the upper body, including shoulders
  • Improve your form

Lower back pain: How to prevent lower back injuries

What may cause you to get lower back pain:

  • The powerful rotation and extension of your swing can put extra pressure on your back
  • The way you carry your golf bag

Prevention tips:

  • Stretches that focus on lower back flexibility
  • Strengthen your lower back, as well as your core
  • When carrying your golf bag, alternate the shoulder you carry your bag on, and try to maintain good posture

General tips to prevent common golf injuries

Here is a summary of the common themes you may have noticed in the prevention tips above.

Implement proper golf swing mechanics and technique and this can help to prevent golf-related injuries. So work towards improving this, including through drills.

Be sure to warm up before you get started. You want to prepare your muscles and joints for the powerful and forceful action that’s coming. Warming up can include:

  • Gently go through the motion of your golf swing. You can start off with half swings and work your way to full swings. You can also start at half-speed and work your way to full speed
  • Stretching of the muscles that are impacted by the repetitive and forceful nature of your swing

Off the course you can work to decrease your risk of golf-related injuries through:

  • Strength training. A strong upper body can minimize muscle imbalances and weaknesses that can contribute to injuries. A strong core can provide you with stability for rotation and power. A strong lower body can help to maintain proper form and posture. Your body is a kinetic chain of muscles!
  • Flexibility exercises. Stretching and yoga poses can help to improve your game on the golf course


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