September 21, 2017

Hanauma Bay Snack Bar: Menu and food prices at Hanauma Bay :: oahu snorkeling. oahu hawaii.

Hanauma Bay snack bar: Is food allowed at Hanauma Bay? What's on the snack bar menu? Oahu, Hawaii


So you’re headed to Hanauma Bay for snorkeling!

No matter where you’re going in Hawaii, it’s important to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of food and snacks for energy!

So, how to make sure you have that energy while you’re snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, as well as afterwards?!

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Is food allowed at Hanauma Bay?

As of this writing in September 2017, there are no bag checks at Hanauma Bay.

Which would mean that food is allowed at Hanauma Bay.

But if you do choose to bring your own snacks (which is a good idea!), be sure to clean up after yourself. There are plenty of trash cans around. Also make sure no wrappers and such go flying away!

Hanauma Bay snack bar: Is food allowed at Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

Where is the snack bar located?

There is a snack bar at Hanauma Bay.

It is located before entry into the admissions area. This means that if you’re down at the beach and decide you want food, you’ll have to make the trek (or $1.25 tram ride) back up to the top, and then buy your food. If you’re looking for some post-snorkeling food, then this wouldn’t be a problem!

If you do leave the admissions area, make sure to get your hand stamped if you plan on heading back down to the beach. This allows you to make a re-entry.

Hanauma Bay snack bar: Hanauma Bay shuttle to get food, Oahu Hawaii

What food is on the Hanauma Bay snack bar menu, and what are the food prices?

Here is a list of the food and drinks available on the snack bar menu, as well as prices:


  • Smart water $6.25
  • Dasani water $4.25
  • Powerade $5
  • Juice $5
  • Tea $5
  • Bottled soda $4.50
  • Lemonade $4.50

Side orders

  • Chicken strips and fries $9.25
  • Nachos $7.25
  • Garlic fries – French fries $6.25
  • Chili with rice $5.50
  • Hot dog $5.25


  • Teriyaki chicken $10.25
  • Kalua pork and cabbage $10.25
  • Grilled egg battered fish $10.25
  • Mini teriyaki chicken $8
  • Oriental chicken salad $12.75
  • Chicken caesar salad $12.75
  • Caesar salad $9


  • Bacon cheeseburger $10.50
  • BBQ pulled pork sandwich $10.25
  • Cheeseburger $9.25
  • Hamburger $8.25
  • Fish burger $8.25
  • Teriyaki burger $8
  • Garden burger $10.25
  • Grilled cheese sandwich $6.25

Grab and Go

  • Large fruit salad $12
  • Turkey wrap $8.50
  • Ham wrap $8.50
  • Small fruit salad $7.50
  • Garden salad $7.50


  • Brownie $4.25
  • Chocolate chip cookie $3.25
  • Potato chips $3.25
  • Ice cream $7.25
  • Shave ice $6.25

Credit cards are accepted at the snack bar: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover.

Again, this information is as of September 2017.

More things you may want to pack for your Hanauma Bay snorkeling trip!

Now, here are a few more things to take a look at to prepare for snorkeling at Hanauma Bay!

For a more in-depth look at what to bring for Hanauma Bay snorkeling, have a look at what to wear snorkeling and snorkeling gear for kids!

Hanauma Bay snack bar: Is food allowed at Hanauma Bay? What's on the snack bar menu? Oahu, Hawaii


faq: snorkeling at hanauma bay – snorkeling rental pricesalternate parking

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