September 15, 2016

Cycling jerseys: What makes a cycling-specific shirt unique?

Most cycling jerseys are designed with common features, with the biking position of a cyclist in mind. Common features of a cycling-specific shirt: higher neckline, zipper, elastic cuffs and waist, back pockets, longer back.


The specifics of cycling jerseys can be different, but most are designed with a number of similarities.

A cycling jersey is designed with the biking position of the cyclist in mind.

The design considers the shirt’s fit and function when a rider is in action.

You will also find these cycling-specific shirts with features to minimize the impact of wind on the clothing while riding.

Here are some common features of a cycling jersey


Back pockets

Cycling jerseys come with pockets on the back side of the shirt for you to stash items so that they are within an easy reach.

You will find that these pockets are deep enough to allow you to conveniently carry many items with you like snacks, your phone, keys, and some emergency cash.

Most often you’ll find cycling jerseys have open pockets.

There are also some jerseys that come with a small zippered pocket.

But generally speaking, the back pockets are deep enough that you don’t have to worry about the items falling out even with open pockets.

The elastic design of the pockets helps keep your items in the pockets as well.


Longer back

Compared to a regular t-shirt, you will find cycling jerseys with a longer back that is shaped to fit you well when you are leaning forward on the bike.

The longer back side helps to prevent your jersey from riding up on your back side when you are reaching out to the handlebars.

Ideally you want to find a cycling jersey that won’t ride up on your back side when you raise your arms up.

Another part of a cycling jersey that is shaped with the riding position in mind is the front side of the jersey.

The front side is typically shorter than a regular t-shirt.

The neck and sleeves also tend to be shaped to fit better for when in riding position.


High neckline

A typical cycling jersey has a high neckline.

This minimizes wind from blowing down your shirt as you are cycling.

A higher neckline on a cycling jersey prevents the collar area of your shirt from flapping around in the wind by reducing the amount of wind that can enter.

Zipping up

Unlike conventional t-shirts, you will find that cycling-specific shirts come with the ability to zip up and down.

The zipper allows you to control your temperature conveniently while on the move.

Working extra hard going up those hills?

Easily lower your zipper to keep cooler!

Getting a bit of easy riding in on the downhill?

Easily zip back up so your jersey won’t be flapping around in the wind!

You will often find jerseys with the ability to zip up to half way down.


Elastic cuffs

In order to prevent the sleeves from flapping around in the wind while you are biking, cycling jerseys will come with elastic cuffs.

The elasticity helps to keep the sleeves in place as you’re riding along.

The bottom of the cycling jersey at the waist may also feature elasticized grippers for the same reasons.



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