December 6, 2017

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Whether it’s a gift for someone traveling abroad, or it’s a gift for someone who loves to travel without crossing an ocean, here are some gift ideas for that traveler in your life.

If you’re in the US or Canada, you can find these travel gifts for under $25 when shopping for people who travel. If you’re in the UK, you can find some of these gifts for travelers under £25 too.

As prices fluctuate, there may be some items that go over $25. But generally, the travel gift ideas on this list can be found for under $25.

Here is the quick list of gifts for travelers under $25:

  • Digital luggage scale
  • Passport holder
  • Packing cubes – the ultimate organizational tool for travelers!
  • TSA-friendly luggage locks
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Portable phone charger
  • Travel snacks

You can also make a sort of DIY gift basket, travel style! Use these items as a base for the basket part of your gift basket and then stuff a bunch of small travel items in! You can find these “baskets” under $25:

  • Travel water bottle
  • Daypack (small travel backpack)

And here are a few more gifts for a traveler’s home!

best travel gag gift? ew.

more travel gifts – gifts for hikers

Gifts for travelers under $25: Best travel gift ideas for people who travel

Digital luggage scale

Do you have a world traveler friend who just loves to go shopping no matter the destination?

Then there might be a chance that your friend always seems to end up with a luggage problem at the end of their trip. With airlines charging baggage fees if travelers go over the weight limit, no one wants to end up 5 pounds over the baggage allowance.

Giving them the ability to figure out how to get their suitcase under the weight limit in their hotel room instead of at the airport can be a great gift! It’s better to be stressed in a hotel room than at the airport counter when you’re checking in and your flight leaves in less than 2 hours. 😉

One of these types of digital luggage scales are travel-friendly so the scale can easily brought along on a trip. It will allow them to figure out how much stuff they need to shift to their carry-on luggage or if they need to wear extra clothes in order to get the bag under the weight limit for that piece of baggage they are checking in!

Side note!
If you'll be snorkeling on your next vacation, consider wearing these types of UV swim shirts. Also see about what to pack for Hawaii for hiking, snorkeling, and more essentials! And for Hawaii vacation ideas, see the best things to do in Oahu that will give you Hawaii vibes!

Leather passport cover case

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is traveling abroad, a pretty way for them to carry their passport could make a great gift. And that could be something like these kinds of passport holders.

Most passport holders these days come with the RFID feature which blocks thieves from stealing digital information, but be sure that the passport cover you’re buying does actually come with that feature.

Travel wallet

For more multi-purpose passport holders, there are also different kinds of travel wallets that can fit passports, credit cards, and cash. These types of travel wallets are not only designed to hold a passport, but can also make it easy to travel around with.

Money belt

Money belts can also be a good way to carry money internationally. They allow a traveler to walk around with a purse, which can be more susceptible to theft. Instead, these kinds of money belts can be worn under clothing.

Packing cubes

After a long flight to the destination, it’s possible that it’s been an exhausting stretch of travel, in particular if it’s on a long flight traveling abroad.

After your friend gets to their hotel room, they are rummaging through their suitcase frantically because they can’t find what they are looking for. They keep looking and looking. They have to dump out all of the contents of their suitcase on the bed before they finally find what what they’re looking for after much frustration.

Well, the good news is that you can help your friend avoid this stressful situation upon landing in a foreign destination that’s stressful enough as it is! 😉

That’s what packing cubes like these are for!

They can be thought of a little like drawers for the suitcase. It’s a way to organize a suitcase to easily remember where things were placed. At least easier than just mindlessly stuffing everything in the suitcase that’s basically a single compartment!

Here’s more on why packing cubes can be helpful.

Packing folders

And if you’re gift shopping for a business traveler or for someone who is going on a cruise, these types of packing folders can help to minimize clothing wrinkles.

And they might find travel shoes bags like these to be helpful too.

TSA-friendly liquid bottles

If your friend who is getting ready for their trip is attempting to go carry-on only in an attempt to save money on those baggage fees charged by airlines, they will likely need some smaller bottles to hold their liquid items. These types of bottles are designed to be the right size to make it past airport security and onto the plane.

TSA-friendly luggage locks

Another useful TSA-friendly item could be luggage locks. They can give travelers a sense of security that some random person won’t be going through their suitcase. A suitcase with one of these types of luggage locks can be opened by TSA security agents at the airport without being damaged, in the case that they decide to do a random check on your friend’s suitcase.

Waterproof phone case

If your friend is going to a tropical destination where water sports will be involved, a way to waterproof the phone can be very nice! This can be a perfect gift for people going snorkeling, kayaking, or another water-based activity.

When you know that your friend is likely not going to spend $50 on a proper waterproof phone case, these types of phone cases can be a welcome addition to their travels. This case will make it so they can take their phone with them on their water adventures without worry of water damage.

These cases make aren’t touch screen friendly underwater, so the button on the phone may need to be used to snap pictures underwater. This may take a few tries to master, but once they are used to it, they will likely find it works out quite well.

You are giving the gift of capturing the best vacation memories!

Waterproof waist pouch

Another gift that can be useful if your friend has days at the beach planned is a waterproof pouch like one of these. This makes it so they can take their valuables in the water with them, instead of leaving them on the beach and being paranoid about something happening!

Portable phone charger

Who wants a dead phone at the airport?

Who wants a dead phone when they are lost in a big city?

Who want a dead phone… ever?!

The solution?!

One of these phone chargers of course!

A portable phone charger is definitely an essential travel item for all travelers who want to stay connected when they are away from home!

International travel adapter

And if your world traveling friend is embarking upon their first trip abroad, they will definitely need an international travel adapter like one of these so they can use the outlets overseas. These types are designed to work in most countries around the world.

Travel snacks and energy bars

So it’s important to drink water when traveling to stay healthy. Another important thing to maintain energy during travel is to make sure to eat! Especially if your friend is a budget traveler, airlines may not always serve food on the plane. And if they do, it may cost a lot of money. Same things with airport food. It’s expensive!

So having snacks can be helpful.

But finding travel-friendly snacks that taste good isn’t always easy.

So your friend who is a frequent traveler will probably always be happy to discover new snacks.

And that’s what can make a variety pack of snacks a perfect way to try new flavors and different types of bars!

So for a potential new favorite travel snack, try:

Stuff the travel water bottle!

If you buy a variety pack and get a little jealous because some of the snacks look so good that you want to try… there’s a solution to that! ?

You can gift a travel water bottle like one of these, and stuff the water bottle with a bunch of travel-friendly snacks and energy bars. That way, you can keep some snacks for yourself too. ?

Consider it the travel version of a gift basket!

Or, for a traditional gift basket with a variety of travel-friendly snacks, take a look at these healthy snack gift baskets. There are a few under $25.

Backpack or suitcase for a DIY gift basket

And if you want to take it a step further, instead of stuffing a water bottle, you can gift a backpack or suitcase and stuff it.

Here are backpacking backpacks for long-term travelers. (Not under $25, but you may be able to find some for under $50… although these are the best backpacks and they would be a gift over $100!)

And here are some daypacks to gift so your friend has a small backpack for day trips, and you can find some for under $25. (And these are the best daypacks but over $50.)

And then here are some suitcases. Again, these are not under $25.

Best selling travel products

Now here are more lists to make your choices harder 😉

Gifts for travelers under $25: Best travel gift ideas for people who travel


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