August 2, 2016

India Travel: Why Goa makes you happy :) Things to do in Goa!

Why Goa makes you happy :)

It’s no secret that a trip to Goa is able to lift the spirits of many… or all? Here are among the reasons!

Adventures energize you

Goa is considered by many as one of best states in India for adventure sports. You can…

  • Kayak through the backwaters, mangroves, and rivers of Zuari, Sal, and Nerul.
  • Cycle the islands of Divar, Chorao, and St. Estevam through quaint villages.
  • Hike during monsoon season for spectacular waterfall sightings.
  • Go white water rafting through the rapids of the Mandovi River for epic thrill.

Why Goa makes you happy :) - Adventure sports: kayaking, cycling, hiking, white water rafting. Goa, India | Pedal Goa

Nature enhances your well-being

  • Explore the ghats and hills with lush forest surroundings.
  • Visit one of the spice plantations for a sensual cultural experience with aromas straight from the source.
  • Discover one of the many lakes and springs that have a peaceful environment which are located all around the state.


Why Goa makes you happy :) - Nature: ghats and hills, spice plantations, lakes and springs. Goa, India | Pedal Goa

You can admire architectural heritage

With over 400 years of Portuguese occupation, that legacy remains today throughout Goa in the form of forts, lighthouses, churches, and Portuguese style colorful homes and buildings.

Why Goa makes you happy :) - Portuguese legacy through architectural heritage: forts, lighthouses, churches, houses. Goa, India | Pedal Goa

The open water makes you feel calm

With 100+ kilometers of coastline with beaches dotted along the Arabian Sea and 250+ kilometers of navigable rivers, Goa has lots of opportunities to experience the open water including through cruising, scuba diving, swimming, and of course just relaxing by the water.

Why Goa makes you happy :) - Open water: cruise, scuba diving, swimming. Goa, India | Pedal Goa

How else does Goa make you happy?

Why Goa makes you happy :) (Things to do in Goa!) - Adventure sports with kayaking, cycling, hiking, white water rafting. Nature with ghats and hills, spice plantations, lakes and springs. Portuguese legacy through architectural heritage with forts, lighthouses, churches, houses. Open water with cruising, scuba diving, swimming. Goa, India. Infographic | Pedal Goa


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