January 29, 2018

DIY Oahu Circle Island Tour MAP + LIST :: Scenic self-drive around Oahu


If you’re short on time and looking to circle the island of Oahu for a day as part of a self-guided driving tour, there are definitely enough places to visit and things to do on Oahu to fill up your whole day!


Oahu circle island driving tour


Scenic driving on Oahu

This is an abbreviated version of things to do in Oahu for your Oahu tour.

If you won’t be renting a car, here’s one of the best circle island tours on Oahu.

All the planning is done for you, and you will learn a lot!


Side note!
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Island driving = slow driving

Keep in mind that driving around the island takes time.

The time can be due to traffic, and it can also just generally be due to maximum speed on the island.

The highest speed limit you’ll find anywhere on Oahu is 55mph, and often you will be going below that.


So take it slow and take it all in!


And the earlier in the day you start, the more you can experience!


Your GPS device can also be cause for delay.

You can use the GPS on your phone as a guide, but it’s not definitive. Sometimes it might get confused and send you in the wrong direction.

But don’t get stressed!

You’re in Hawaii!

It’s all in the experience!

Just another reason to make sure you aren’t on a specific time table when you’re planning for an island road trip!


Now here first is a quick list.

Oahu circle island tour driving map

  • Diamond Head Crater
  • Hanauma Bay
  • Koko Head Hike
  • Makapuu Lighthouse Trail
  • Lanikai Pillboxes
  • Mokulua Islands
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Dole Pineapple Plantation
  • Waimea Bay
  • Laniakea Beach
  • Sharks Cove

Paid circle island tours

It’s definitely possible to rent a car and have a great day driving yourself around Oahu!

But if you want to get even more out of your trip around the island, you may also consider taking an organized tour. This can be a good way to learn more about Oahu and Hawaiian culture too.


Interactive map of Oahu

Now here is an interactive Oahu circle island tour map with points of interest.

Do you like maps? Also see the Oahu snorkeling map and Oahu hikes map.


Oahu circle island tour map with scenic driving around Oahu, Hawaii



Oahu circle island tour: Diamond Head Trail, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Diamond Head Hike

Oahu circle island tour: Hanauma Bay snorkeling, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Hanauma Bay snorkeling

Oahu circle island tour: Koko Head hike, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Koko Head Hike

Oahu circle island tour: Makapuu Lighthouse Trail, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Makapuu Lighthouse Trail

Oahu circle island tour: Lanikai pillboxes, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Lanikai Pillbox Hike

Oahu circle island tour: Mokulua islands, Mokes, at Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Mokulua Islands

Oahu circle island tour: Pearl Harbor historic sites and USS Arizona Memorial, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Pearl Harbor

Oahu circle island tour: Dole pineapple plantation, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Dole Plantation

Oahu circle island tour: Waimea Bay on the North Shore, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Waimea Bay

Oahu circle island tour: Laniakea Beach or Turtle Beach to see turtles on the North Shore, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Turtle Beach

Oahu circle island tour: Sharks Cove snorkeling on the North Shore, Hawaii

OAHU TOUR: Sharks Cove snorkeling


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