April 29, 2018

Diamond Head Hike :: Best Oahu Hike with views of Waikiki :: oahu hawaii

Diamond Head Hike, Hawaii: Best Oahu hikes with best views, Waikiki, Honolulu



Here on this page are some pictures from the Diamond Head Hike for a bit of what you can expect on one of the most popular hiking trails on Oahu with the best views.

Since this is a crater hike in which your destination is the summit, this means one way is pretty much all uphill, and the other way is pretty much all downhill!

The distance is a little less than 2 miles, and you can likely comfortably hike this trail in 1.5 hours. This is even if you take your time on the way up and enjoy the views at the summit.

Diamond Head is a state monument with military history. This makes it a part of the Hawaii state parks system.

This hike is pretty near Waikiki and Honolulu, and it’s easy to get to Diamond Head by bus too.

If you don’t mind a little extra exercise, you can walk to Diamond Head too… or even bike to Diamond Head!

It’s $1 per person for pedestrians entering the park, and it’s $5 total for a car and all passengers.


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Parking at Diamond Head

There is a parking lot at the base of Diamond Head crater.

Usually parking isn’t much of a problem.

But in the case that the parking lot does become full, parking at Diamond Head is different from the infamous parking at Hanauma Bay when you go snorkeling.

At Hanauma Bay, you will get turned away if there’s a full parking lot.

At Diamond Head, you’ll be able to wait until a spot opens up.


And now…

Pictures from the Diamond Head Hike!

The trail starts off as a short paved path, and then it turns into gravel pretty much the rest of the way

Diamond Head Hike: Best Oahu hikes, Hawaii


Some of the best views of the ocean and mountains!

Diamond Head Hike: Best Oahu hikes with best views, Hawaii

Diamond Head Hike: Best Oahu hikes with best views, Hawaii

Diamond Head Hike: Best Oahu hikes with best views, Hawaii


That’s Koko Crater (left mound) and Hanauma Bay (right mound) in the distance

And you’re in the Diamond Head crater!

Diamond Head Hike: Best Oahu hikes with best views of Koko Crater and Hanauma Bay, Hawaii


The Koko Head Hike is another hiking trail on Oahu with some of the best views to consider, and snorkeling at Hanauma Bay is also an Oahu activity to consider!


Some people say Diamond Head is an easy hike on Oahu

Two sets of stairs on the trail? No big deal. 😉

Diamond Head Hike: Best Oahu hikes with stairs, Hawaii


The view of Waikiki and Honolulu from above at the Diamond Head trail summit!

Diamond Head Hike: Best Oahu hikes with best views of Waikiki and Honolulu, Hawaii


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Tips for hiking Diamond Head: What to bring for the Diamond Head Hike!

Now here are a few things to keep in mind for your hiking excursion to Diamond Head:

  • Consider wearing hiking sandals like these over flip flops. They will provide you with much needed better traction! And they are more breathable than shoes, and also probably have better traction than your current gym shoes. Many hiking trails on Oahu have dry and loose gravel, and this includes Diamond Head. This can make you prone to slipping if you’re not wearing proper footwear.
  • WATER! You will be sweating on this hike! It’s a mostly open trail with minimal shade. It’ll be hot and it’s important to stay safe. These water bottles are popular in Hawaii.
  • SNACKS! Even if you think you will be fine without food, just take an energy bar or two with you! It is amazing the difference a few hundred calories can make when your energy is drained. You may also consider picking up some dried pineapple fruit snacks or macadamia nuts from one of the many ABC convenience stores in Waikiki. Although the good thing about Diamond Head is that there is a food truck in the parking lot! But still, better to come prepared!
  • Small backpack! It could be helpful to have a small backpack to carry things on your hike.

more of what to wear hiking in hawaii

Diamond Head Hike: Best Oahu hikes + What to wear hiking in Hawaii


How to get to Diamond Head

Here are some options to consider to get to the start of your Diamond Head Hike:

  • Taking the bus: You can take a single bus ride to get to Diamond Head from Waikiki. The bus ride itself is about 10 minutes, but you’ll want to factor in time waiting for the bus too, both ways. The bus will drop you just outside the crater, so there’s about a 10 minute walk to get to the start of the trail.
  • Walking: Get in a little bit of urban hiking by making the trek from Waikiki! One way is about 2-2.5 miles. You can always walk one way, and then take the bus back the other! Here are walking directions from Waikiki.
  • Driving: You may not really want to rent a car just for the Diamond Head Hike, but if you happen to be renting a car for other reasons too, Diamond Head is a quick drive from Waikiki. Here are driving directions.
  • Biking 😉 If you’re up for making it a full-fledged adventure-filled day, consider biking to and from Diamond Head! Here are tips for biking to Diamond Head. Consider making your biking route the scenic one by taking a similar route as biking to Hanauma Bay. This basically means going around Diamond Head Crater!

Learn more about each of these option with more on how to get to Diamond Head from Waikiki.



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