April 29, 2018

Best paved hikes on Oahu with amazing views :: Oahu walking trails :: Hawaii

Paved hikes on Oahu, Hawaii


There are tons of hikes on Oahu.

And what if you want a hiking trail that will guarantee that you can keep your shoes clean? 😉

Or maybe you just want to stick with wearing your flip flops the entire time you’re in Hawaii, so you don’t want to worry about wearing proper footwear instead of flip flops on your hike. (Although if you’re going to be walking for more than an hour, you still want to make sure you’re wearing comfortable flips flops that are good for walking if that’s your footwear of choice!)

Or maybe you’ll be pushing along a stroller so you are looking for a stroller-friendly hiking trail.

Or maybe… there’s some other reason. 😉

Whatever the reason, there are 2 popular trails on Oahu that are paved hiking trails with scenic views:

Each of them is worth choosing as a hike on Oahu for their own reasons.

And then 2 more walking paths that can be a nice and easy beachfront walk that are paved:

Best short hikes with scenic views on Oahu – not just paved

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So, what are some good paved hiking trails on Oahu?

Makapuu Lighthouse Trail

Paved hikes on Oahu: Makapuu Lighthouse Trail, Oahu, Hawaii

If you’re looking to give yourself a workout while getting stunning coastal views, the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail is a hike worth considering!

This out-and-back paved trail on the east side of Oahu is pretty much all uphill to reach the end point of the trail. This incline isn’t too bad, but you may start to feel it eventually. But you can see the ocean pretty much the entire time which means there are plenty of distractions to take your mind off the hard work you’re putting in! 😉 There are also plenty of easy stops you can make along the way.

This can be a perfect hiking trail if you’ll be on Oahu during whale season. It’s one of the best spots for a chance at whale sightings on Oahu for free without going on a tour. There are even free binoculars along the trail to help you spot them. But you might want to take your own binoculars anyway!

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Waimea Falls Trail

Paved hikes on Oahu: Waimea Falls Trail, Oahu, Hawaii

For a paved hiking trail with a waterfall sighting, then the Waimea Falls Trail is a hike worth considering.

This is another out-and-back paved trail. These Oahu waterfalls are on the North Shore, so if you’re interested in other things to do on the North Shore, it can be a perfect addition to your itinerary. This hike is located within the Waimea Valley park, for which there is an entrance fee. You’ll find more things to do at Waimea Valley, including exploring a vast variety of plants and flowers.

If you wander into the areas of the botanical gardens, it won’t always be a paved path. Instead, there’s a bit of gravel footing.

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Paved walking paths in Waikiki

Much of Waikiki Beach is lined with sidewalks, so really you could go for a paved walk in any part of Waikiki.

And you really can’t go wrong in going for a coastal walk in any part of Waikiki.

But there are 2 areas of Waikiki that you may want to have a look at when you’re looking to get in your morning run or your sunset walk!

They are each on the far ends of Waikiki Beach.

West side of Waikiki by Hilton Hawaiian Village

Paved hikes on Oahu: Waikiki Beach at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Oahu, Hawaii

There’s a boardwalk that starts at the Hilton Hawaiian Village that makes for a nice walk right alongside the beach. This is a popular path for morning exercise for walkers and runners. You may also see some people doing group yoga at the nearby park in the grassy area.

There are also lots of family-friendly activities near this beach resort.

East side of Waikiki by Kapiolani Park

Paved hikes on Oahu: Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

On the other end, right by one of the best spots for snorkeling in Waikiki, you’ll find another walking path that also makes for good walking or running.

And you can find many walkers and runners here, particularly at sunset. Since Waikiki Beach is on the sunset side of the island, it can be a perfect setting! This path runs right alongside the ocean in some parts, and then in some parts there’s a beach that separates the ocean and sidewalk.

This path isn’t directly next to Kapiolani Park, but the park makes for easy reference on a Waikiki map. Find the park, and then ocean side is the walking path!

Paved hikes on Oahu, Hawaii: Makapuu Lighthouse Trail

Makapuu Lighthouse Trail


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