April 29, 2018

Best Waikiki Hotels for Families :: Kid-friendly activities on Oahu :: Hawaii

Best Waikiki hotels for families and young kids, teens. Kid-friendly activities on Oahu, Hawaii. Waikiki Beach resort.


So you’ve decided to make your next family vacation in Hawaii.

Good choice! 😉

And you’ve further decided to include Oahu as a part of your vacation.

Good choice again! Here’s why.

And even further you’ve decided to make Waikiki your base while on Oahu.

Yes, this is once again a good choice. Here’s why!

As you’ve probably discovered, Waikiki is the tourist hotspot. And this is where most of the hotels on Oahu are located. This can make it a convenient spot to stay, especially if it’s your first visit to Oahu.

You can find plenty to do around Waikiki to make your time worthwhile and have the best Hawaii vacation ever.

So, if you’re traveling with your family, where to stay?

Best hotel in Waikiki for families: Hilton Hawaiian Village

This is one of the most famous hotels on Waikiki Beach.

You may have seen pictures of the Rainbow Tower.

Rainbow Tower, Hilton Hawaiian Village. Best Waikiki hotels for families, young kids, teens. Kid-friendly activities on Oahu, Hawaii. Waikiki Beach resort.

This is just one of the buildings that are a part of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. This resort is expansive, and there’s a lot to do to go with it!

This can be the perfect place to stay in Waikiki for families because of all of the kid-friendly activities offered at the Hilton, or right nearby.

There might be enough for you to do without ever leaving the resort area! But of course you don’t want to do that. 😉 There’s much to do around Waikiki!

But when you do want to stay really close to your new home away from home at the Hilton Hawaiian Village…

The lagoon

Family-friendly activities for kids, teens at Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon, rentals. Best Waikiki hotels for families, young kids, teens. Kid-friendly activities on Oahu, Hawaii. Waikiki Beach resort.

One of the most famous places of the resort is the lagoon that’s right nearby.

You can go for a swim here, and there are also lots of water activities available.

There’s a rental stand located right near the lagoon too. Some are appropriate for the lagoon, and others you can take to the nearby beach.

Rental prices as of September 2017, for 1 hour / 2 hours:

  • Kayak: $45 / $70
  • Waterbee 1 hour: $45 / $70
  • Aquacycle 1 hour: $50 / $75
  • Surfboard: $45 for 2 hours / $65 for 1 day

And then more rental prices without an hourly rate:

  • Raft: $17
  • Boogieboard: $22
  • Fins: $12
  • Tube: $12

More activities nearby:

  • Group SUP Yoga: $59 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Surf lessons: Group for $95 / Private for $160

Here are more beginner surfing lessons around Waikiki Beach.

Here are more AMAZING water activities on Oahu.

Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head view. Best Waikiki hotels for families, young kids, teens. Kid-friendly activities on Oahu, Hawaii. Waikiki Beach resort.

Is the lagoon at the Hilton Hawaiian Village open to the public?

Although many call it the Hilton lagoon for convenience, this is actually a public beach. It’s also known as the Duke Kahanamoku lagoon. This means that anyone from the general public can swim at the lagoon. You don’t have to feel weird about being in this area of the Hilton Hawaiian Village even as a non-guest. (The lagoon was named after Duke Kahanamoku who was an icon in Hawaii.)

You can also rent the items even if you’re not a guest at the resort.

So when it comes to activities at the lagoon, you can have some kid-friendly (and teen-friendly!) fun even if you choose to stay elsewhere in Waikiki!

Family-friendly activities for kids, teens at Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon. Best Waikiki hotels for families, young kids, teens. Kid-friendly activities on Oahu, Hawaii. Waikiki Beach resort.

Friday night fireworks

The Hilton Hawaiian Village is also home to the famous Friday night fireworks in Waikiki.

Once again, this is something your family can enjoy without staying at the resort.

You can also see the fireworks display on the water with a fireworks dinner cruise, or from the air with a fireworks helicopter ride!

Hawaiian culture in Waikiki

This beach resort also offers a luau in Waikiki so you can experience a good dose of Hawaiian culture. Attending a luau will give you a night full of Hawaiian food and entertainment. The Hilton luau is called the Starlight Waikiki luau.

Apart from the resort, to learn more about Hawaiian culture, the Royal Hawaiian Center offers free activities for kids (and adults) too. Learning hula dance (there’s a class just for kids), how to make a lei, how to play the ukulele, Hawaiian quilting, Hawaiian weaving… and MORE! See more about Hawaiian culture activities.

For more Hawaiian cultural fun for kids outside of Waikiki, it is a must to consider making a trip up to the Polynesian Cultural Center. If you partake in all activities offered here, it will be a long day. But the best part for kids is the daytime activities. This includes hands-on activities and learning games, all while learning about Hawaiian culture! Take a look at some of the Polynesian Cultural Center activities here.

Perfect stroller walk near Hilton Hawaiian Village

Waikiki Beach stretches around 2 miles long.

The Hilton Hawaiian Village is on the far end of Waikiki Beach near Honolulu. On this end is one of the best spots to take a walk along the coast, as there is a sidewalk lined pretty much directly along the coast.

This can be a perfect spot to go for a morning walk, sunset run, or for a walk with a stroller when you’re traveling with young kids!

Best paved walks with strollers in Waikiki. Best Waikiki hotels for families and young kids, Oahu, Hawaii. Waikiki Beach resort.

How much does it cost to stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village?

As you can imagine, prices vary depending on when you’re planning your vacation and what type of room you’re booking, so have a look here to check prices for your date:

More family-friendly hotels in Waikiki

Here are a few more hotels to have a look at in Waikiki:

Sheraton Waikiki boardwalk. Best Waikiki hotels for families and young kids, Oahu, Hawaii. Waikiki Beach resort.

You can walk the full 2 miles of Waikiki Beach, including along the Sheraton boardwalk pictured above.

Waikiki hotels with kitchen

One of the top expenses for your Hawaii vacation can be food, especially if you’re a family of 4 or larger!

So food can be an easy place to a save a bit of money. You can do this by looking for hotels that have a kitchen so you can prepare some of your own food.

Here are some Waikiki hotels with a kitchenette:

Otherwise, if you’re not interested in making use of a kitchen, many hotels in Waikiki will come with a fridge and microwave. This still gives you a few more options for cheaper food. So just look out for these amenities as you’re searching for the perfect hotel in Waikiki for your family vacation.

Take a look at the map of Waikiki hotels for the locations of these hotels and more.

Waikiki hotels for big families

If you’re looking for a hotel room that sleeps 6 or more people, have a look at these best Waikiki hotels with 2-bedroom suites.

Or, if you’re a family of 4 and you want separate rooms for adults and kids, maybe it’s something you want to look at too.

Even if you’re not looking for 2 separate rooms, this list of hotels can be good to look at. As much of the time, the same hotels will have other offerings that can sleep your family of 5 or family of 6. A few of these hotels also have 3-bedroom suites if that’s something you want to consider too.

Cheaper alternative to Waikiki hotels

Consider an airbnb vacation rental on Oahu so that you can instead spend that money on amazing tours on Oahu! If it’s your first time booking through this platform, you can get a discount on your Oahu airbnb here.

Family fun in Waikiki

For some activities on Oahu that everyone in your family will definitely remember, take a look at some of these adventures. These are some of the best experiences that are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime!

And of course, there are plenty of outdoor activities on Oahu that you can do for free, or cheap, right near Waikiki!

Waikiki Travel Guide:

And if you want to head a little further out from Waikiki, there’s even more!

Family-friendly activities at Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon, rentals. Best Waikiki hotels for families and young kids, Oahu, Hawaii. Waikiki Beach resort.


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