January 29, 2018

How to get to Dole Plantation by bus from Waikiki :: Oahu – Hawaii

Waikiki to Dole Plantation by bus

How to get to Dole Plantation by bus, Oahu, Hawaii

Dole Plantation is located in central Oahu, a little bit of a distance away from Waikiki and Honolulu.

Driving by car from Waikiki to the Dole Plantation takes about 40 minutes.

So you can imagine that getting there by bus takes even longer than that!

But, if you’re not going to be renting a car during your time on Oahu, and you really want to try that famous Dole whip… or go on the train ride around the plantation… or go through the world’s largest maze… or just see what the fuss is about when it comes to Hawaiian pineapples 😉 … then of course you need to go to the Dole Plantation when you’re in Hawaii!

Here are things to do at Dole Plantation.

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How to get to Dole Plantation by bus: Eat Hawaiian pineapple, Oahu, Hawaii

So, how long does it take to get to Dole Plantation by bus from Waikiki?

Short answer: Probably between 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Long answer…

This depends on where exactly in Waikiki you’ll be taking the bus, as well as your timing.

See below for more about this!

A bus trip from Waikiki to Dole Plantation does require 1 bus transfer

The time includes the time spent walking at the start to your first bus stop, the time waiting to transfer buses, and the time it takes to walk to your final destination, aka the Dole Plantation! In this case, the bus stop is right in front of Dole Plantation, so once you get off the bus, you are there!

Have a look at the public transit directions on the Oahu map here on Google Maps to get a better idea of what you’re in for.

If you know where in Waikiki you’ll be staying, plug that into the start to get an even better idea of how long it will take.

Also make sure that you’re looking at directions that depart in the morning instead of night for better accuracy with bus routes. Weekday vs weekend can also make a difference with the bus schedule.

Have a look here for tips on taking the bus around Oahu.

Waikiki Travel Guide:

Things to do near Dole Plantation

If you’re headed to Dole Plantation, consider getting off the bus a bit early so that you can get a glimpse of native Hawaiian history.

The Kukaniloko Birthstones are a Hawaii State Monument and it’s considered an important cultural heritage site on Oahu. It is located a little less than 2 miles from the Dole Plantation.

It would be a short stop, maybe 15-20 minutes, but doing this would require you to wait for the next bus to come, which could be awhile, or instead, you could walk 40 minutes up the road to get to Dole Plantation.

So, it may not be the most convenient stop. But something to consider so you can take in a bit of Hawaiian culture on Oahu!

You’ll be treated to a beautiful backdrop!

How to get to Dole Plantation by bus: Near Kukaniloko Birthstones, Hawaiian culture, Oahu, Hawaii

Should you go to the North Shore after the Dole Plantation?

Well, you’ve made it all the way to the Dole Plantation from Waikiki, so you might as well go to the North Shore too, right?! 😉

The Dole Plantation to the North Shore by bus is about a 20-minutes bus ride. Not bad, right?! Especially after 1.5 hours on a bus from Waikiki!


Also consider that because the bus passing by Dole Plantation is less frequent, it could also mean that you might be waiting awhile from the bus to come.

Where on the North Shore do you want to go?

It also depends on where on the North Shore you want to go.

There are lots of things to do on the North Shore. But if you’re going by bus, and if you’re going there following a trip to the Dole Plantation, it means you have less time. This means you may want to choose just one spot.

The main town on the North Shore is Haleiwa, and this is another place that you can find a Hawaii-famous food specialty.

In sticking with your food theme, after going to the Dole Plantation for Hawaiian pineapples, next you can go to Matsumoto’s on the North Shore for Hawaiian shave ice! This is located in Haleiwa.

If you are committed to visiting the North Shore, Haleiwa is probably your best choice when coming from the Dole Plantation by bus. Any further north will likely require an extra bus transfer, while it’s possible that you can find a single bus to take you from Dole Plantation to Haleiwa. But play around with Google Maps to see.

But, if you want to consider going further north, other points of interest on the North Shore are:

  • Waimea Valley where you’ll find a botanical garden, waterfalls, and a Hawaiian ancient living site
  • Shark’s Cove for snorkeling and food trucks. Although consider that snorkeling means carrying all your gear around Dole Plantation, but it could still be a nice place to stop by.
  • Ehukai Pillbox Hike to work up a bit of a sweat and be rewarded with stunning views of the North Shore from above!

More things to do on the North Shore

Tours that include the Dole Plantation

If you want to make the most of your time, taking a tour could be one of the best ways to do that!

There are circle island tours that will include the Dole Plantation, along with a number of other worthy spots on Oahu.

These tours are some of the best ones on Oahu!


things to do at dole plantation

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