July 3, 2018

What to pack for a Caribbean cruise :: Cruise packing tips

Cruise packing list: What to pack for a cruise

Royal Caribbean cruise ships Oasis of the Seas and Navigator of the Seas docked in a Caribbean cruise port in Mexico where you can go on Cozumel excursions to the Mayan ruins!
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What to pack for a cruise and what should go on that cruise packing list?!

Well, none of the travel accessories listed here are cruise necessities or essential must-have cruise accessories, at least for the average cruiser.

But many of these travel gadgets can add convenience and fun to your cruise while minimizing hassle and headache.

Hey, you’re on vacation after all! Increasing fun and relaxation while decreasing stress is what vacation is all about, right?! Oh, and trying new things and having new experiences too.

What one cruiser finds to be an inconvenience, another cruiser may find to be no big deal.

This means that when packing for a cruise and reading about any sort of tips and hacks for cruise travel accessories, gadgets, or gear, it’s personal!

What might be great for one person may not be that great, or matter at all, for another. But as you’re thinking about what to pack for your cruise, it may at least be worth considering.

Also be sure to check what NOT to bring on your cruise and what your cruise line tells you to wear on a cruise formal night.

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Now, here are some travel accessories to consider putting on your cruise packing checklist!

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Cruise packing checklist: What to pack for a cruise

First, for what to wear on a cruise, have a look here for ideas!

Waterproof case for smart phone

If you go on a cruise that has a waterslide, you more than likely will come across at least one person who has their phone or digital camera ready to go when they are in line for the waterslide so they can film themselves while they are going down the slide.

Don’t be jealous!

Join in the fun!

Make sure to find yourself a waterproof digital camera or a waterproof case for your smart phone before your cruise so you can join in on the waterslide camera action! They make for great videos to post online!

And in case you’re a first-time cruiser wondering as many do, waterslides are for kids, teens, AND adults!

Even if your cruise ship doesn’t have a waterslide, if you’re taking a Caribbean cruise or another cruise destination with warm temperatures, you surely won’t be missing out on opportunities for water-drenching fun with lots of possibilities to capture pictures of marine life.

Maybe it’s fun at the pool or on shore while at the different ports. If you’ve got plans for water sports like snorkeling or scuba diving, or you’ll be swimming and splashing around at the beach, you probably want to capture those cruise memories.

So have a look at something like this waterproof phone case to cheaply waterproof your phone!

Chances are you’ll be happy to have made your phone waterproof or to have brought along a waterproof camera for snorkeling and other water adventures!

If you don’t care so much about taking pictures, but you still want to take your valuables in the water with you instead of leaving them on the beach unattended, give a try something like this waterproof waist pouch to take into the water with you.

It’s meant to be worn when you’re in the water so you don’t have to worry about your money and phone being stolen when you’re having fun splashing around!

Mesh beach bag for water activities

If you’re on a Caribbean cruise and you’ll be partaking in any sort of water-based activities in which you will be getting wet, either as a shore excursion or a self-planned beach trip, it might not be such a bad idea to have a mesh bag handy.

In particular, if you’ll have a bunch of wet items from swimming activities like your swimsuit, beach towel, goggles, snorkeling gear, water shoes, or more, having a mesh beach bag in which the wet items have a little breathing room can be helpful.

You have a quick turnaround time with the next time you’ll be using your beach bag fast approaching since your next port will probably be in a day or two.

So having something like this type of mesh tote as your beach bag can get the drying process started from the moment you leave the beach!

If you’ve prepared extra well and brought a water bottle with a wide mouth from home, you can stop by the beverage machine before you get off the ship for your time in port.

Fill up your water bottle full of ice and water to prepare to stay cool and well hydrated during your excursion.

Once you get back to your stateroom on the cruise ship, you’ll want to properly dry out the wet items in your bag to have them ready to go for the next port!

Packing cubes

You’ve arrived onto the ship and finally got your suitcase delivered to your room.

But with all the things you’ve packed, you’re rummaging through your suitcase and you can’t find what you’re looking for.

And you keep looking and looking.

By this time, you’ve sprawled almost all of your suitcase contents either across the floor or the bed. You still can’t find it, and you’re getting a bit frustrated!

But don’t get frustrated! Vacation is a time to be relaxed, not stressed. 🙂

Enter… packing cubes!

You can think of packing cubes like drawers for your suitcase.

It’s a way for you to organize your suitcase so you can easily remember what you put where. (Or at least remember more easily than stuffing everything in essentially what is a single compartment!)

With a set of these packing cubes, you can get different size cubes, and you can pack different types of clothes or accessories together in separate cubes, making your search inside your suitcase just a tad more simple.

Packing cubes can allow you to more efficiently pack away clothes and accessories into your suitcase. They can be used to organize your backpack as well.

These packing folders are designed to minimize your clothes from getting wrinkled when packing them in your suitcase.

Also take the travel quiz to find the best travel wallet to keep your travel documents organized and safe!

And to get and stay organized in your stateroom that gives you minimal space, give a look to this pocket organizer to hang over the door to help you find things easier after you’ve unpacked! These door organizers are popular among cruisers.

And speaking of day one of your cruise.

On embarkation day, the day you get on the ship for the first time, plan as if you won’t be getting your checked in suitcase until evening after the ship sets sail.

You might get it before then, but the point here is to pack in your carry-on bags anything you think you might want the first few hours you are on board the cruise ship.

For example, many people are eager to jump into the pool as soon as they get on board.

Okay, maybe food comes first!

But either way, they are eager to get in the water shortly after they get on the ship on embarkation day. But they can’t.


Because all of their swim gear is packed away in their suitcases that haven’t been delivered to their room yet.

So don’t let this situation be you so you can do what you want when you want on embarkation day! 🙂

Cruise luggage tag holders

Now what’s another frustration you want to avoid on day one of your cruise?

Your luggage being way delayed to your room!

You especially probably don’t want to spend your time at the baggage lost and found when your cruise has just barely started!

Most cruise lines will require you to print off luggage tags at home and place them on your bags or suitcases yourself. These are the cruise equivalent of the tags that airlines attach to your suitcase when you check in your luggage at the airport.

When you fly, you pick up your own luggage from the baggage claim conveyor belt.

When you cruise, there is no such way to personally claim your own baggage, and instead, your luggage is hand-delivered straight to your room.

The luggage tags are how cruise staff know where and who to deliver the carts full of suitcases to. So they are kind of important to have on your suitcase and to stay on your suitcase.

But what’s the difference between the tags that the airline agents place on your flying suitcase, and the tags you place on your sailing suitcase?

Well, you are likely printing off your tag from home on plain paper! Which means it’s not exactly the most durable tag ever.

Which means it’s up to you to get creative to keep it in good condition.

So, what can you do to make your luggage tag durable to make sure you’ll get your luggage without delay?

Give a look to cruise luggage tags like these to help protect your tags in transit and to help avoid unnecessary delay for getting your bags delivered to your stateroom!

Digital luggage scale / Extra duffel bag

If you’re going on a cruise with a bunch of different ports that you’ve never been to, there’s a good chance that you’re probably going to buy a bunch of different souvenirs.

And not only may those souvenirs not be so lightweight, those items can add up in weight!

On the last night of your cruise as you are packing to go home, this may bring up a few issues:

  • “I can’t fit all of these things I bought into my suitcase!!! What am I supposed to do???”
  • “This suitcase feels a lot heavier than what I brought onto the ship! Am I going to have to pay overweight baggage fees at the airport when I fly home???”

The solution? Don’t buy anything! Okay, so maybe that’s not a realistic solution. 🙂 So…

Realistic solution #1:

Pack an empty duffel bag, or some other kind of collapsible bag like these or like this one that makes for easy transport, into your suitcase.

Or if you’re using a duffel bag as your primary bag, find a slightly smaller collapsible bag to pack into your duffel bag.

This may take up some space in your suitcase, but it will probably make for a happier you at the end of the cruise because you know you’ve got space for all of your stuff.

Another option instead of packing an extra bag could be to wear a backpack onto the ship that has almost nothing in it.

This will give you more room for the extra items you’ll be buying throughout the cruise. After a week-long vacation, the last thing you want to do is stress about traveling home.

Realistic solution #2:

If packing for home isn’t already stressful, you definitely don’t want to stress about possibly having to pay for overweight baggage fees when you arrive at the airport for your flight home.

Digital luggage scales make it easy for you to weigh your suitcase and bags in the convenience of your own room.

Digital luggage scales like this one are small enough so they won’t take up too much space and they are relatively inexpensive.

Most importantly, they may save you a headache at the end of your cruise! It could also be a helpful item to use pre-cruise before you head to the airport at the start of your travels.

Hiking sandals or travel sandals

Even if you’re not going hiking on any of your shore excursions, hiking sandals can make for good travel sandals to keep your feet happy!

If you’re going on a big cruise ship like any Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, or Carnival, chances are you’ll end up doing a lot of walking just on the cruise ship!

Add to that the unfortunate time you’ll be standing in line… to get off the ship, to get on the ship… And add to that any shore excursions that’ll keep you active.

Basically, there’s a good chance you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet during your cruise!

The more you’ll be walking, the more important it is to have supportive footwear for the comfort of your feet! And an alternative to proper walking shoes or running shoes are hiking sandals like these ones.

Just remember, if you do buy new shoes for your cruise, wear them a few times for some walks to break them in.

It’s not good to suddenly do a ton of walking in new shoes!

That could cause for very unhappy feet! And you certainly don’t want to experience that during your vacation! 🙂

Sea sickness prevention remedies

One concern of many first-time cruisers (and even for some veteran cruisers!) is getting sea sick.

Throughout your cruise, you may see many people with a small circular patch behind their ear. Patches like these are in an effort to help prevent sea sickness. These kinds of patches are an option for you to keep your nausea at bay.

There are also wristbands like these that can help to keep your motion sickness from putting a damper on your cruise vacation.

And, if you like to use essential oils, have a look at something like this essential oil blend. It’s got a little bit of ginger, peppermint, spearmint, and coconut oils in it.

You can also try a couple of the commonly known remedies for food, which are green apples and ginger.

Green apples may not work for everyone, but if you’re worried about getting sea sick, there really isn’t any harm in eating an extra apple, right?

Not all cruises will have green apples, and if you do find green apples for lunch one day, that doesn’t mean they will also be out for dinner or the next day.

So if you’ve got a problem with sea sickness on the cruise and see green apples in the buffet line, grab a bunch of those apples up! Just kidding. You don’t want people looking at you weird. 🙂 But grabbing an apple or two here or there shouldn’t be a problem, so go for it!

For using ginger to remedy your motion sickness, some people find ginger candy can help with the feeling of nausea caused by being on a cruise ship at sea.

Also try to choose the best cabins on a cruise ship to prevent seasickness!

Sun protection

If you’re going on a Caribbean cruise, it’s probably very likely that you will see a bunch of red people! And by red people, that means people who saw a little bit too much sun with a bit too little sun protection!

A lot of cruises have sea days on the first full day of the cruise, and that seems to get people excited to spend all day out in the sun surrounded by nothing but water…

So sometimes there are more than a few people who have seemingly seen enough sun before they even reach the first Caribbean island of the cruise! (At least according to their skin.)

First of all, don’t let this be you! Be sure to pack that sunscreen, and be sure to use it! But of course, you were planning on doing that anyway. 🙂

But, we know that sometimes even good intentions fail. You think you’ve slathered enough sun screen lotion all over yourself. But you either missed a spot, or you didn’t reapply as you should have because you thought you had put on enough.

And so, red spot! Ow! You don’t want to be in pain for the rest of the cruise! It’s barely started!

Enter… aloe vera to the rescue!

Well, kind of.

At least it will help improve the situation a little bit since aloe vera can act as an anti-inflammatory for your inflamed (burned) skin.

So having organic cold-pressed aloe vera gel poured into a travel-sized bottle may not be such a bad idea. (Noxzema cream is another popular remedy for sunburn with lots of positive testimonies.)

If you do get a bottle of aloe vera to use for sunburn, first test it out on a small patch of skin to make sure you won’t actually be making the situation worse. It’s also probably best to go for 100% aloe vera and as natural possible.

To be extra prepared and ready to tackle the sun in full force 😉 try this organic suncare travel kit that comes with a pina colada sunscreen spray, cucumber moisturizer, and lip balm, all with SPF protection, plus an after-sun lotion!

Snorkeling gear and water shoes

If you’re going on a cruise to a tropical destination like the Caribbean, it’s likely that you will spend at least one day at the beach, yes? It would be a fine idea to include some snorkeling into your beach time!

Some beaches do offer snorkeling gear for rent, but having your own gear can add a lot of convenience. Plus, if you plan on spending more than one day at the beach, then having your own snorkeling gear can make it worth it.

And you will have no second thoughts about snorkeling at every single port knowing that you won’t have to pay for snorkeling gear rental each time! It’s not every day that you are in the Caribbean, so get a good look at that marine life! 🙂

Some ports may offer better views of marine life than others, so you first might consider checking the level of recommendation for the specific ports you’ll be visiting.

But generally speaking, most Caribbean cruise ports will offer up plenty of worthy opportunities for snorkeling!

If you’re on a cruise that sails to Grand Turk, there’s a beach pretty much right where the cruise ship docks, and you’ll find many people snorkeling there.

It’s possible to buy a snorkeling set that comes with a snorkeling mask and the snorkel that allows you to breathe underwater.

Sometimes it can take a little bit to get used to adjusting and breathing with the snorkel, and you may also want to consider a full-face snorkeling mask like this.

One thing to note is that snorkeling sets can also come with fins, but you may want to get the set without them.

The fins can take up more space in your suitcase than you may like.

So you may want to consider leaving your fins at home, or buying a snorkeling set with just the mask and snorkel. Fins will help you to swim farther faster, but the most important part is to be able to see underwater, right? 😉

So you will most likely find yourself having a good experience snorkeling even without the fins if you’ll be staying in shallow waters.

Taking your fins would be the number one option though! 😉

Water shoes like these ones are good to consider even if you don’t plan to snorkel but will be wading out into the water.

Some shorelines can be a little rocky, so having water shoes will allow you to walk freely in the water.

This way you won’t have to worry so much about having to use that first aid kit that you’ve come prepared with! 😉

If you have fins, the fins can act as a buffer (although they can be a bit difficult to walk in), but without fins, water shoes might not be a bad idea at some beaches.

MORE: What to wear snorkeling + What NOT to wear

Portable beach blanket

In the case that you’ll be making your own beach trips during the cruise, as opposed to taking a shore excursion, beach chairs may not always be a given at the beach you go to.

In such cases, you may want to considering packing along a portable beach blanket or beach mat.

Some beach blankets aren’t made of soft material like a normal blanket, but it’s a blanket with water resistant material on both sides of the blanket.

This can be helpful after a dip in the water when you’re looking for something to sit on that won’t get your skin or wet towel sandy from sitting directly on the sand.

This type of material also can be helpful in more easily getting rid of the sand from your blanket once you’re ready to head back to the cruise ship.

It can also help speed up the drying process of the blanket compared to a normal blanket so it’ll be ready to go for the next port!

Collapsible water bottle

If you’re taking a Caribbean cruise vacation during the cold winter months, the warmth of the Caribbean islands will feel really nice! But if you live up north and you’re going from very cold to very warm, don’t drop your guard completely.

The heat you experience at home in the summer is something you are gradually accustomed to, weather anomalies notwithstanding. 🙂

But going from north to south in the winter months means your body isn’t used to the heat at all.

And your body has no time to adapt to the heat at all.

So it’s not unheard of for cruise passengers to be overcome with symptoms from overheating and become in need of medical attention.

And of course, things like this can happen during non-winter cruises when it’s even hotter in the Caribbean than your northern home.

Now this doesn’t mean you need to be utterly concerned about coming down with any sort of heat-related illness.

It just means that when you’re out on an island, you want to take extra precautions. And one of these precautions is making sure you have a way to stay adequately hydrated.

Same goes for on sea days if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors on the open deck, but it’s far easier to stay refreshed on board with a beverage machine just a short walk away!

So pack an empty water bottle in your suitcase especially if you’ll be cruising in hot weather! A collapsible water bottle like one of these will take up less space in your suitcase.

Then you can fill up your water bottle at one of the beverage machines before you get off the ship when you’re in port. Depending on how active you’ll be and how long you’ll be out, you may want to have more than one water bottle per person.

Of course, staying hydrated is important no matter where your cruise destination is!

Another tip if you’re flying to your cruise embarkation port is to pack an empty water bottle in your easily accessible carry-on luggage.

That way you can fill up your water bottle at a drinking fountain once you get past security instead of having to pay for really expensive water at the airport.

And a water bottle can be great if you’re driving a long distance to your cruise port too, because you can stop to fill it up with water at gas stations or fast food restaurants you stop at along the way!

Floating camera strap

And if you are taking a cruise with a beach destination, you might want the chance to swim with the abundance of marine life.

Maybe it’s swimming with stingrays all around you off the coast of Grand Cayman, or maybe it’s swimming with colorful tropical fish off the Hawaiian coast, or maybe it’s swimming in an area that you can spot a lobster or two off the coast of Mexico.

If you’ll be snorkeling or swimming at the surface with your camera at the ready to take some underwater pictures in water that’s so deep you can’t stand, surely you do not want to accidentally let go of your camera and have your camera sink to the bottom of the ocean!

And for that extra security, you can attach something like this floating camera strap to your camera or waterproof phone case so you can worry less about losing your camera with all those amazing vacation photos!

The floating strap can be used to keep other things like your lanyard afloat too.


It’s likely that your cruise has at least one elegant evening or formal night in which dressing up is encouraged, if not required, in the dining rooms.

And there is the dilemma.

You want to look dashing on this night which means getting your dress clothes onto the cruise ship wrinkle-free.

Since irons and steamers are among the things that are not allowed on most cruise ships, you need to figure out how to pack your formal clothes in your suitcase in a way that will produce the least amount of wrinkles.

Even with all your effort, you probably won’t be able to say that it’s a smashing success.

This makes a wrinkle-releasing spray that can get rid of the wrinkles off your clothes somewhat of a lifesaver.

Or at least, it saves the night.

You spray onto your clothing, pull on your clothes gently, and then smooth it over with your fingers, and you’ve got a pretty quick solution to your suitcase-wrinkled clothes.

If given the choice between ironing and this spray, ironing will probably almost always win the competition.

But when you’re on the road (errr… on the water!) and pulling your clothes out of a suitcase or duffel bag, the spray can make for a rather convenient option that makes a noticeable difference.

These wrinkle-releasing sprays come in a travel-oriented size, and there is also a standard spray bottle size for home use. For best results, you may consider using the spray the day before you’ll be wearing your clothes.

Another option that’s used to keep clothing wrinkle-free (or far less wrinkled than standard packing) is to pack your clothes in these packing folders.

Packing folders can make it easier to minimize wrinkles when folding clothes up and packing them in your suitcase.

Note that some cruise ships do offer self-serving laundry rooms that come with an iron and ironing board, but a spray would probably still serve as a more convenient option.

Check with the cruise line you’re sailing with if you’d much rather go with the iron though!

And speaking of cruise evening, here are some fun evening activities to do on your cruise!


So you’re back on the cruise ship having just left behind a beautiful Caribbean island and are on to another island tomorrow.

The sun is starting to set and you’re lounging out on a deck chair watching that beautiful sunset… when someone starts screaming frantically!

What happened?!

Oh, it’s only bunch of dolphins putting on a show just for you with the ocean as their stage. Just someone overreacting. 🙂


It’s a super cool cruise video on YouTube of a pod of dolphins swimming near a cruise ship in their natural habitat in the middle of the ocean… with a sunset as the backdrop no less! Add a pair of binoculars to your cruise packing checklist for even better ocean marine life sightings!

If you are off for a cruise in Alaska, binoculars are pretty much thought of as an essential cruise packing item! You will be able to see a lot more wildlife that’s further away that you might not ever see otherwise. And there’s lots of wildlife to be seen in Alaska!

But no matter where your cruise destination is, binoculars can certainly add to your experience because you never know when you’re going to come across wildlife or marine life.

Or you never know when you might come across seemingly stranded fishermen in a small boat at sea in near darkness that your cruise ship turns back around for because they look like they are in distress… only it turns out they are just doing their normal thing far off the coast of Haiti!

In these situations, there will be tons of cruise passengers trying to figure out what’s going on, and with your binoculars, you’ll get a better view of said fishermen! 😉

Again, you just never know what drama is going to pop up in the middle of an ocean. 🙂

And if you plan on going on any shore excursions that will take you out on the water on a catamaran or into the forest by jeep, having binoculars can really only make your experience better.

To be able to capture even better what you can see through your binoculars, have a look at binoculars with a camera or camera mount!

Of course there’s no guarantee you’ll see anything worth screaming about 🙂 but you just never know on land or at sea! And you might want to get more than one pair of binoculars so others in your travel group won’t miss out!

Portable phone charger

Do you plan on spending most of your time in your room during the cruise?

Didn’t think so!

If you plan on carrying your phone around the cruise ship (because you never know what photo opportunities will pop up!), then having a portable phone charger with you can prove to be useful.

You probably don’t want to be one of those people scrambling around looking for a charger as you sit down to eat, right? 😉

A portable phone charger can be helpful not just for your wanderings around the cruise ship. In fact, they could turn out to be even more helpful when you’re out on shore.

Especially if you’ll be taking tons of pictures on your phone when you’re out and about on land. You don’t want your phone to die and miss out on capturing that perfect shot!

Another reason having an extra charger may be useful is because most staterooms on the cruise ship have a limited amount of outlets. So if you have a lot of gadgets and electronics to charge, you may like the idea of have that extra charging station.

So pack in your bag a portable phone charger like this one so you’ll never have to worry about your phone running out of battery during your cruise or at the airport!

Travel-sized first aid kit

It’s a good idea to bring with you some sort of first aid kit or first aid supplies on any sort of travel or vacation, and that means it’s a good idea to bring it on your cruise vacation!

In the unfortunate incident that something drastic happens to you and you’re in need of medical attention, there is a medical center on board the cruise ship with a doctor and a nurse to help you out.

But if something minor happens, you’ll probably be happy you came prepared so you can take care of yourself no problem!

Just like in everyday life, things happen.

When you’re on a cruise vacation and being more active or out and about than you usually are at home, that risk for things happening might increase a tiny bit.

Maybe it’s at the beach stepping on a sharp sea shell or piece of glass, or maybe it’s on the ship poking your finger on something that’s not meant to be touched.

Either way, you start bleeding.

Good thing you can whip out your travel-sized first aid kit to come to the rescue! Then after a couple of minutes of treating yourself, you can be back to enjoying your vacation!

If you did take the chance and decided not to pack any sort of first aid supplies and do get a cut when you’re on the ship, the guest services desk may be able to help you out with a small bandage.

Just remember that you can’t predict when you’re going to get hurt, and with the luck one usually has, it’ll be at the busiest time for guest services, right?

So with no first aid kit of your own, be prepared to be completely annoyed that you have to stand in line for so long for that small bandage.

And also be mentally prepared when they tell you it’ll cost a dollar! Maybe some cruise ships will provide it for free, but it’s not unheard of to have to pay for it.

So at the very least, pack along a few first aid supplies you have laying around your house into a small ziplock bag!

There are affordable travel-sized first aid kits like these that you can conveniently pack in your suitcase that will take care of basic first aid needs.

The more expensive first aid kits tend to include items that will prepare you for more.

For a cruise, the most basic travel first aid kit should work out for minor ailments you are most likely to incur on a cruise vacation.

And pack it in your daypack on port days to bring the first aid kit along on your shore excursions or for your own activities when you’re on shore… just in case!

The more active your activities are, the better idea it is to have that first aid kit!

For ideas on a minimal DIY first aid kit, see the list of contents of this ultralight first aid kit.

And speaking of accidents.

When accidents become not-so-minor, like one of these shore excursion nightmares, you just might be happy to have THIS.

Shore excursions are generally safe.

But the nature of adventure sports, and the nature of being more active during vacation, means that accidents can happen. It’s also good in case you miss your cruise because of a delayed flight.

Walkie talkies

If you are cruising with a group, walkie talkies can be a convenient way to keep in touch with other members of your group around the ship.

If you are cruising with older kids or teens who don’t want to spend all their time on a cruise with their parents, walkie talkies like these can be a convenient way to give kids their space without being completely disconnected from them.

That said, as the cruise lines compete with each other to offer a better experience for families and big groups cruising together, options are being added for ways to stay connected at sea while avoiding high texting phone charges.

At the moment, you could say it’s somewhat of a testing phase, but more cruises are starting to offer group texting options or cheaper wi-fi or social media plans.

So if staying connected with your family members on a sea day is important to you, first check to see what technology options your cruise ship offers.

Be sure to look for information about your particular cruise ship, because even if it’s the same cruise line, not all ships have the same features. This can apply to wi-fi and social media plans as well.

Also to note is that some cruise lines ban the use of certain types of two-way radios. So be sure to check the policies of your cruise line to make sure you aren’t violating any rules.

Dry-erase boards

Another way to keep in touch with a group is through the use of dry-erase boards.

As you’re walking through the halls of the staterooms, it’s not uncommon to see dry-erase boards like this one posted up outside of rooms.

Most ships are magnetized, so using a magnetic board works here to leave notes for other members of your travel group.

However, the dry-erase board option does require a bit more walking.

On a smaller ship, it may not be an issue.

This option also means that your family and friends will only get updates when they go by your room.

If frequent and immediate updates are not necessary while others are doing their own thing around the cruise ship, dry-erase boards may work well for you!

The actual packing of your stuff!

If you’re packing for a family, save money on your luggage by getting your suitcases as a set. Get colorful colors so you’ll be able to spot your luggage easily at baggage claim!


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Best things to pack for active travel

- First-time snorkelers love full-face snorkeling masks.
- These UV protection shirts are a hit so you don't have to keep re-applying sunscreen and don't have to worry as much about getting sunburn!
- These types of small backpacks are perfect for a day out so you can carry essentials... and snacks!
- And these popular packing cubes can be a life-saver when you're traveling!

Don't get your valuables stolen when you travel

- On city excursions: This neck pouch that tons of people love. It makes it harder for money to be stolen, and RFID-blocking feature stops thieves from scanning your credit card info when they are close to you.
- At the beach: This type of pouch that you can easily take your wallet in the water with you, instead of leaving on the beach.