November 30, 2017

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Stingray City Grand Cayman: Things to do in the Cayman Islands on a Caribbean cruise

If you have a Caribbean cruise with a stop at Grand Cayman, sooner or later, you will hear about Stingray City. There’s a good chance it’s sooner if you’re looking into Grand Cayman shore excursions.

And, stingray city is a COOL experience that you totally should have on your list of considerations for tours in the Cayman Islands!

For shore excursions with stingrays, you have a few different options of what you want included with your day of stingrays. You can add on things like an extra snorkeling spot, a visit to a turtle farm, or kayaking the mangroves of the Caymans.

For more ideas, here are some of the best activities on Grand Cayman.

So, what is stingray city?

First, what do you think of when you think “stingray city”?

The “city” is actually in the middle of the ocean! Well, maybe not the middle of the ocean. You can see the Cayman islands coastline from stingray city, but it is a bit of a distance from shore.

On stingray city excursions, you basically take a boat out to the open water where there is a shallow spot because of a sandbar. So while you are a good ways away from the beach, you can still very easily stand, walk, and swim around with no problems at all.

This is also an area of natural habitat for stingrays, and they visit often.

Of course, since it’s nature, there’s no guarantee of when when stingrays will come around. But there’s a very good chance that you’ll see tons of them if you do make it out on a stingray city excursion.

You’ll be provided snorkeling gear on your stingray tour, so if Grand Cayman is the only island that’ll you’ll be snorkeling during your cruise, you don’t have to put snorkeling gear on your Caribbean cruise packing list.

Stingray city excursions are offered by most, if not all, major cruise lines that cruise the Caribbean. This includes Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess, and Disney.

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So, what’s a port day in Stingray City like? Here’s a peek!

Heading out to the open water by boat…

Stingray City Grand Cayman: One of the best tours in the Cayman Islands

Do you see the stingray that’s headed towards stingray city? 😉

Stingray City Grand Cayman: Stingray swimming in the Caribbean Sea

Your tour guide will show you how to hold a stingray

Stingray City Grand Cayman: On stingray city tours, your guide will show you how to hold a stingray

Stingray city is one of the most popular Grand Cayman excursions during a Caribbean cruise!

Stingray City Grand Cayman: One of the best excursions in the Cayman Islands to go swimming and snorkeling

Things to maybe pack for your cruise to Grand Cayman!

Now, here are some things that you just may want to add to your cruise packing list!

And see if you like any of these other top tours on Grand Cayman!


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