July 3, 2018

Things to do in Nassau Bahamas near cruise port: Free + Cheap :: Cruise tips


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When you sail into Nassau, there are a few things you’ll probably notice immediately once you’re on the open deck that’s unique to Nassau.

One of those things is the number of cruise ships docked next to you.

Depending on the time you cruise into the port, you’ll likely see other cruise ships right by your side.

If you’re the first ship of the day, it probably won’t be long before you’re joined by other ships!

This port can dock a high number of cruise ships compared to typical Caribbean cruise ports, and it’s not uncommon to see 5 large cruise ships docked at once in Nassau.

Another thing you’ll notice not too far in the distance when you’re looking out from the cruise ship is a bunch of pink colored buildings.

That would be Atlantis on Paradise Island, and also possibly the most popular shore excursion for Nassau.

Here are some more top Nassau excursions.

what to wear on a cruisewhat NOT to bring on a cruise – how to prevent seasickness

Here are Miami hotels with free shuttle to the Miami cruise port.

But, how about some cheap things to do in Nassau?

What to see in Nassau if you want some budget-friendly activities?

If you don’t mind some walking and are interested in learning a little bit about the history of the Bahamas, there are a couple of low key cultural visits you can make that are within walking distance of the Nassau cruise port so you can make your own self-guided DIY Nassau excursion!

Here is an outline of a full-day excursion you can do on shore when you have a full day in Nassau.

This itinerary includes a break back on the ship followed up with time at the beach!

Use this outline as a guide for ideas on what to do during your day in the Bahamas!

1. Parliament Square Nassau

2. Queen’s Staircase

3. Fort Fincastle

4. Junkanoo Beach

Nassau Cruise Guide:

Side note!
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Bahamas on a budget: Nassau one-day self-guided excursion

Summary of the day’s itinerary in Nassau

MORNING: Soak up some Bahamas history with a walking tour! (1-2 hours)

LUNCH: Head back to the cruise ship for (free!) lunch. (1 hour)

AFTERNOON: Rest up those feet from the walking you did in the morning and soak up some sun for some relaxation on the beach! (1-2 hours)

For more, here are some of the best activities in Nassau.

Interactive map near Nassau cruise port

Here first is an interactive map of Nassau with points of interest.
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– Click on any icon on the map and it will tell you what’s there.
– You’ll find a list of places of interest by name when you open up Google Maps. Click on any name from the list, and it will indicate where on the map that point of interest is located.
– Above the list you’ll find a share button to e-mail the map to your travel companions!
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Things to do in Nassau Bahamas with Nassau cruise port map for self-guided walking excursions

You may also consider getting this laminated map of Nassau.

Morning excursion in Nassau: Bahamas history tour (1-2 hours)

Just a short walk from the cruise port, you can find a couple of historical landmarks that are significant to Nassau and the Bahamas.

Parliament Square

As you’re walking away from the cruise port, choose the route that will take you past and through Parliament Square to witness the architecture that signifies the colonial past of the Bahamas. Parliament Square is just outside the cruise port.

Things to do in Nassau Bahamas: Parliament Square

Queen’s Staircase

A visit to Queen’s Staircase will give you a dose of the slave history of the Bahamas in the manner in which the staircase was built.

There are guides at this location who can tell you a bit about this history.

Note that these guides will basically ask to be tipped for sharing their knowledge.

If you wish to tip, a couple of dollars should be fine. But other than that, this is a free attraction in Nassau.

Things to do in Nassau Bahamas: Queens Staircase

Things to do in Nassau Bahamas: Queens Staircase

The Queen’s Staircase is a small area, so 15-20 minutes can be adequate time spent here.

Passing by Parliament Square to get to Queen’s Staircase, it’s about a half mile once you get out of the cruise port area, which is about a 10 minute walk.

How to get to Queen’s Staircase from cruise port

Fort Fincastle

New Providence Island, the name of the island you’re on in Nassau, is a relatively flat island.

Fort Fincastle is one of the areas of the island that is on higher ground.

Things to do in Nassau Bahamas: Fort Fincastle

Things to do in Nassau Bahamas: Fort Fincastle

To go into the fort itself, there is a nominal fee, which is about $1 that you pay at the ticket booth.

Going inside will give you the chance to learn more about the fort with the informational signs.

If you don’t care to go in, you can still admire the views of the fort, as well as the views of the harbor where the cruise ships are docked!

There are gift stands around the fort area if you’re looking to buy souvenirs from the Bahamas.

This fort is also relatively small.

If you pay the entrance fee to Fort Fincastle, 20 minutes is probably enough to explore the fort.

Other than that, around the fort is a nice quiet area that could be a good spot to have a rest and enjoy those views of the harbor!

Fort Fincastle is located right near Queen’s Staircase, and it is about a 15 minute walk back to the cruise port.

Things to do in Nassau Bahamas: During your excursion, reach the highest point in Nassau and get a view of the cruise port. It's free!

Lunch back on the cruise ship (1-1.5 hours)

Walking around a seemingly empty cruise ship is a whole different feeling than walking around on a packed cruise ship!

Since you’re not wandering off too far from downtown and are staying within walking distance of the cruise port, consider heading back to the ship for lunch if you’re looking to save some money.

The line to get back onto the ship likely won’t be long at all either, if there is a line at all.

Lunch on the ship while it’s in port all day is also great because there will also be minimal lines for all the food since most cruise passengers are on shore!

Take the chance to eat some cruise food at the specialty restaurants with a short line or no line at all!

By going back to the ship, you can also pick up what you need for your afternoon excursion instead of carrying it around in the morning.

But if you don’t mind carrying around your beach gear, you can head straight to the beach after visiting some historical sights and skip lunch on the ship.

Afternoon excursion in Nassau: Beach time at Junkanoo Beach! (1-2 hours)

You don’t have to go far to find a beach when you’re docked in Nassau. Just about a 15 minute walk from the cruise port is Junkanoo Beach!

How to get to Junkanoo Beach from cruise port

Things to do in Nassau Bahamas: Junkanoo Beach

Things to maybe pack for your cruise to the Bahamas!

Now, here are some things that you just may want to add to your cruise packing list!

And see if you like any of these top tours in Nassau!


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