July 1, 2018

What NOT to pack for a cruise :: Cruise Packing Tips

Cruise packing list: What not to bring on a cruise

Before you cruise, remember to check directly with the cruise line you’re sailing to know the things that you aren’t allowed to bring on a cruise ship.

Besides the more obvious items like weapons, illegal substances, and alcohol not being allowed on a cruise ship, there may also be items that are best not to bring along on your cruise that you may not think twice about.

For example, if it’s your first time cruising, you might think of bringing along…

Some candles as you celebrate a special occasion on board…

Or a coffee maker to get you going without having to leave your room…

Or an iron or steamer so you can look dashing for when you’re thinking about what to wear on a cruise formal night.

These are among the banned items on most cruise ships.

Be sure to check far below for the list of prohibited items on the cruise you’ll be taking, no matter the cruise line!

Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to go straight to the list of what YOUR cruise line tells you NOT to bring on a cruise!

But first.

TOP 5 things you NEED for your cruise

Okay, maybe not NEED, but you’ll want 😉
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  1. This type of tag holder to make sure your cruise luggage doesn’t get lost on the ship
  2. This spray to look your best on formal night. (Wrinkle-free!)
  3. These cubes for packing to find your stuff when you first get on the ship
  4. These to find your stuff during the cruise! (Organize your stateroom!)
  5. This type of phone case to take pristine underwater pictures when snorkeling – it’s cheap!

See the list for cruise formal night too that includes what to wear on a cruise formal night!


Sneaking prohibited items onto a cruise ship

DON’T! 😉

Among the most popular questions asked when it comes to prohibited items on a cruise?

Well, there’s really no alternative for alcohol, and with people attempting to get sneaky about bringing alcohol on a cruise, the security officers are also learning at the same time what methods people attempt.

Alternative to steamer

If you want to take a steamer onto a cruise ship, the biggest reason you are looking to do so is probably for your formal night outfits.

Some cruise lines do have irons available in their laundry room, so you’ll want to check with the cruise line you’re sailing to see if this is available for you.



What’s the most dangerous even on board a cruise ship?!

(This makes for the BIGGEST reason that many items make the list of banned items on a cruise!)

The answer….

(See below!) 😉

FIRE is the most dangerous event on board a cruise ship!

And fire can spread rapidly!

So don’t try to go around this rule and sneak a fire-producing item on the cruise ship thinking that no one’s going to catch you with the banned item.

Even if no one catches you, it’s not worth the risk! You probably don’t want to be in the middle of an ocean on a ship with rapidly spreading fire. 😉

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there is a dedicated fire-fighting crew on board each cruise ship.

Although fire-producing items are among the items that pose the greatest risk to safety at sea, they aren’t the only things that are not allowed on cruise ships.

You don’t want any unhappy cruisers in your group when they find out they brought a restricted item on the cruise and it needs to be confiscated.

You don’t want to start off your vacation with a negative attitude! Negative attitudes can be just like fire – they can spread FAST!

So be sure to check out your cruise line’s policies of what is and what is not allowed on the cruise before you leave for vacation!

Cruise line policies of prohibited items

What not to bring on a cruise: Cruise line policies of prohibited items. Cruise packing tips.

Below are policies for some of the more popular cruise lines. Read through your cruise line’s policies so you know what the prohibited items on your cruise ship are.

Carnival cruise

What not to bring on a Carnival cruise

Carnival cruise prohibited items: What not to bring on a cruise. Cruise packing tips

Celebrity cruise

What not to bring on a Celebrity cruise

Disney cruise

What not to bring on a Disney cruise

Disney cruise prohibited items: What not to bring on a cruise. Cruise packing tips

Holland America cruise

What not to bring on a Holland America cruise

Holland America cruise prohibited items: What not to bring on a cruise. Cruise packing tips

Norwegian cruise

What not to bring on a Norwegian cruise

Norwegian cruise prohibited items: What not to bring on a cruise. Cruise packing tips

Princess cruise

What not to bring on a Princess cruise

Princess cruise prohibited items: What not to bring on a cruise. Cruise packing tips

Royal Caribbean cruise

What not to bring on a Royal Caribbean cruise

Royal Caribbean cruise prohibited items: What not to bring on a cruise. Cruise packing tips


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