January 28, 2018

Curacao Cruise Port: Things to do near Curacao cruise port :: caribbean cruise

So if you have a Curacao cruise in the southern Caribbean coming up, these are some pictures that you may want to capture!

No matter which cruise port you visit during your Caribbean cruise, be sure to walk around the open deck to see if there are picture-worthy scenes to capture from above!

On a cruise to Curacao, the colors of the buildings will immediately stand out!

Now, here are some scenes that you may look forward to taking during your Curacao cruise near the port!

Following the pictures below, you will find a Curacao map so you can get a better idea of what to see and where to go! It may give you ideas of things to do in Curacao on your DIY walking tour.

South Caribbean Cruise Guide:

At the Curacao cruise port

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On the cruise ship

Get a picture with and without the cruise ship from the open deck on the ship!

Curacao cruise: On a cruise to Curacao, southern Caribbean

Curacao cruise: On a Carnival cruise to Curacao, southern Caribbean

When you get off the cruise ship

As you exit the ship and make it on to land, you may be in a hurry to explore all that Curacao has to offer! But stop to get a picture of the scenes from above that you just saw at ground level too. Well, it will be there when you get back, but at that point you may just be so exhausted from your fun-filled Curacao excursion that you can think about nothing but resting in your room, or FOOD, in your rush to get back! 😉

If you are taking a shore excursion organized by the cruise line, there’s a good chance you may be standing around on the pier waiting to be taken away, in which case, don’t just stand there! What a perfect time to take pictures! 😉

Curacao cruise: At cruise port waiting for Curacao excursion and tour, Caribbean

Walking to the main part of Willemstad

Willemstad is the capital of Curacao, and it’s also a designated UNESCO world heritage site. Here’s why, from the Curacao tourism department.

If you have an organized shore excursion or Curacao tour, you probably won’t be walking this way. But it’s close enough to the cruise port that as long as you have time when you get back from your tour, you can get in a little walking tour once you get back.

There are also a few informative signs about the history of Curacao so you can get in a small history walking tour too! You will be walking through an outdoor shopping mall to get to downtown Willemstad, and the history signs are before the shopping mall, just past the secure area of the port along the coast.

The short heritage trail is on the lawn opposite to the buildings here, so to the right side of the picture.

Curacao cruise: Short heritage trail near Curacao hotel resort, Caribbean

Stop by the fort!

As you keep walking, you’ll pass by the outdoor shopping mall, restaurants, and places to eat near the Curacao cruise port.

You’re almost within sight of downtown Willemstad on land! Remember, you saw it from above before. 😉

Curacao cruise: Food, restaurants, and places to eat near Curacao cruise port, Caribbean

See the stairs in the picture above. This is a part of Rif Fort, and you can go up those stairs to see downtown Willemstad from another point of view.

Curacao cruise: Rif Fort on a cruise to Curacao, Caribbean

Now it’s time to get to downtown Willemstad!

You’ll walk until you get to the iconic floating bridge called the Queen Emma Bridge. You will walk across this floating bridge to get to the other side! (Unless it’s under construction or closed for some other reason, in which case you will take a free ferry across to the other side.)

Taking a picture of or with the floating bridge would be a picture-worthy capture.

Explore one of the most famous parts of Curacao!

Once you’ve made it to the other side, you can have a walk around and explore downtown Willemstad!

Curacao cruise: Shopping in downtown Willemstad on a cruise to Curacao, Caribbean

Curacao cruise: Food, restaurants, and places to eat in downtown Willemstad at waterfront cafe, Caribbean

If you look carefully towards the water in the picture above, you will see that the floating bridge does not extend all the way across. Sometimes it opens up to let boats pass through, so you may have to wait to cross the water until this pedestrian bridge is back in place connecting the two sides of land.

Floating market

If you walk a little bit further, you can have a peek at the floating market in Curacao. This picture below shows the boats docked, and on the other side is the street where you can do some shopping at this market.

Curacao cruise: Floating market near downtown Willemstad, Caribbean

On your way back to the Curacao cruise port: Free wifi

Stop and sit somewhere after you’re done for the day within the area of the outdoor shopping mall so you can stop to use some wifi! At last check in 2016, you could connect to free wifi in Curacao here, courtesy of the mall. Rather convenient that it’s right near the cruise port. 😉

And, you can never get too many pictures of cruise ships, right? 😉 So try to get a picture of your ship on your cruise to Curacao too!

Curacao cruise: Carnival cruise in the southern Caribbean with stops in Aruba and Curacao

Curacao map near cruise port

Here’s a map of Curacao below for you to take a look at. The map is best explored on a desktop, on your mobile web browser, or directly from the Google Maps app. (Not within Pinterest app.)

Curacao cruise: Map of Curacao near cruise port, Caribbean

Things to maybe pack for your cruise to Curacao!

Now, here are some things that you just may want to add to your cruise packing list!

And see if you like any of these top tours in Curacao!


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